How to Use Light-Up Letters at a Wedding?

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7 Creative Ways to Use Light-Up Letters at Your Wedding

Are you planning on tying the knot at the beach? Or maybe you’ve opted for a rustic celebration in the countryside? Either way, light up love letters are the perfect, unique way, to decorate the surroundings. Not only will they convey a message of your choice, but they’ll add a little wow factor.

Large letter lights can be chosen in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose single letters, words, hearts, names, initials, numbers or any other fun or heartfelt message you have in mind. They can be used in no end of ways and will get your wedding guests flocking over for a phot op. Here are some creative ways to use light-up letters at your wedding.

Display Your Initials

Large initial lights are a cute way to convey your love for each other. Use the first letter of both your names, with an & in the middle. Stand your unique initial lights next to the dancefloor, as a backdrop for the buffet, or at the entranceway. On the night, you can get everyone together to take some memorable photos, with your initials in the background.

Say ‘I Do’ In Lights

After saying ‘I do’ at the wedding ceremony, you can carry on the theme with large, illuminated ‘I Do’ lights. They will add impact to the wedding reception or sit down meal and will be a lovely reminder of your commitment to each other.

Love Lights on the Dancefloor

For a day filled with love, a large illuminated ‘LOVE’ sign is the perfect way to decorate the dancefloor. Love lights make a massive statement and are an ideal backdrop for wedding photos and fun photos throughout the night. After the photos are done, dance well into the night, basking in the glow of your love for each other!

Guide Guests to the Bar

As you celebrate your wedding, the drinks will be flowing! Why not ensure your guests don’t get lost, with a large, illuminated ‘BAR’ sign? Illuminated lights can be used in any area of your wedding venue to decorate spaces and add a little fun to the proceedings.

Outdoor Photo Opportunity

Large illuminated love letters can be used anywhere, even in an outdoor space. If part of your wedding celebrations will be outside, light up the scenery with cute and funny glowing messages. A few great ideas include I Do, Happily Ever After, Mr & Mrs, Love, surnames, initials and more. Stand them around a dancefloor, inside a marquee or next to the main dining table.

Illuminate Your Guest Book

Are you having a wedding guest book for everybody to sign? If yes, illuminated letters can be used to draw attention to where the guest book sits. Surround the table where the guest book is placed with the bride and grooms initials, or even a large illuminated Mr & Mrs sign. Guests will love this little touch and you’ll have a book of memories to cherish forever.

Make the Entrance Dazzle

If a red carpet isn’t enough, light up the entrance to your wedding reception with a large love sign.Let guests know this is where the party is and that it’s going to be a wild night! Entranceway illuminated lights are a way to add a little drama and uniqueness to your wedding décor that no-one will forget.

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