Ways to Style Light Up Letters at Your Event

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5 Unique Ways to Style Light Up Letters at Your Next Event

Dramatic light up letters are the best way to add a unique twist to your wedding, birthday party, engagement, christening, baby shower, office party, product launch, shop opening or any other type of event.

Mix together letters, words, hearts and numbers to spell out special messages and get guests talking. Tell a special someone how much you love them, spell out a thankyou message and light up the dance floor with eye-catching letter lights. Here are a few ideas on how to style your light up letters to make your event stand out.

Stack the Message Up

Light up letter messages are often seen in a horizontal manner. But who says this is the only way!? Style your own light up letters uniquely, by stacking one above the other. This creates a dramatic twist for a wedding, birthday or engagement party. Stack your initials or a custom love message and let everyone know how you feel about your significant other!

Add to Your Letter Lights

Letter lights are not the only way to glam up your next event. Why not add to your light up letters with a bunch of balloons or sparkly bits of tinsel. These are guaranteed to take your party décor to the next level and are top ideas for a baby shower or birthday party.

Glow and Sparkle

Lights, lights and more lights! Yes, you can never have enough lights when decorating an event. Imagine your rustic letter lights perched next to the dance floor with a string of party lights cascading down one side. This will not only look fabulous, but it’ll make a stunning backdrop for photo opportunities later in the night.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Why stop with giant light up letters at your next event? Add to your special event with fairy lights, balloons, a photo booth, a disco ball and even a red carpet! There really is no end to the different ways to spice up your party décor and the only limit is your imagination!

The Bigger the Better

Why only have metre high illuminated letter lights, when you can have 2-metre or 3-metre-high ones!? Size really does matter when you’re making a statement at your next event. Get your light up letters fully customised at a height you choose, by speaking with the team at The Love Sign today.

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